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All across the country, people love to shop — and shoplift.

They steal anything they can get their hands on. They steal clothes, shoes, cars, books, DVDs, jewelry, landscaping materials, liquor, cigarettes, condoms, pregnancy tests, power tools, electronics, sunglasses, penny candy and high-dollar meat products.

They stuff items inside their clothes, drop them into bags, switch price tags, swap old shoes for new and push whole carts of groceries right past the check stands of busy supermarkets and right out the door.

Retailers nationally are losing more than $45 million a day to shoplifters.

No segment of the retail world is immune from theft — and consumers are paying the price.

According to University of Florida criminologist Richard C. Hollinger, Ph.D., who directs the National Retail Security Survey in association with the National Retail Federation, an average family of four will spend more than $440 this year in higher prices because of inventory theft.

And the ripple effect of retail theft doesn't stop there. Shoplifters rob states of tax revenue on top of causing honest consumers to pay more for goods.

Of the estimated 27 million shoplifters in the country, only a small percentage are professionals, experts say. These are sometimes but not always drug addicts and repeat criminals who steal for resale and profit.

For many people, shoplifting is not an economic crime. Often people steal because they are depressed, pressured by peers, angry at the world or at an employer, or because they are seeking thriIl or attention.

For some it becomes an addiction, similar to overeating or alcoholism.

One way companies large and small combat this epidemic theft problem is by turning to experts in retail loss prevention to implement and manage formal loss prevention programs in their retail stores — companies like Foresight Security Solutions, Inc.

The loss prevention business involves much more than putting officers in a store to catch shoplifters. It requires a high level of professionalism and skill relating not only to loss prevention and law enforcement but also to oral and written communications.

Handled properly, a retail loss prevention program with an emphasis on external theft can increase a business' bottom line; raise the level of awareness of a staff about its rights and responsibilities in dealing with shoplifters; and send a message to the public that stealing from a particular store is simply not acceptable.

The trained investigators at Foresight Security Solutions, Inc.

have extensive experience in retail loss prevention —

and a long list of happy clients.

Learn more about Foresight Security Solutions, Inc. on this site,

or simply call Rod or Ericka today to find out

how their expertise can help increase your bottom line!

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