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Brought to you by Foresight Security Solutions, Inc.

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Help is at your 


The Mobile Fingerprinting Unit

of Foresight Security Solutions, Inc.

offers quality on-site print rolling for clients, including:

• applicant cards for professionals in the

childcare, education, banking, legal,

medical, real estate & retail industries

• printing and prescreening services

for immigration-related cases

Call today to book an individual or group

appointment with our law-enforcement-trained

fingerprint technicians — we'll come to you!

For Mobile Fingerprinting Service,

Call Rod at 402.301.7315

La ayuda esta en la punta

de tus dedos.

La unidad móvil que toma las huellas digitales de servicios

de Foresight Inc. ofrece calidad en el momento de tomar huellas

para los clientes y con resultados inmediatos, incluyendo:

• las tarjetas del solicitante para todos los requerimientos

en la guardería, la educación, el banco, asuntos legales,

médico, los bienes y raíces & vendedores industriales

• imprimir y pre-investigar servicios para

casos relacionados con inmigración

Llame y haga hoy una cita individual o en grupo

con nuestros agentes y tecnicos de la ley los cuales

han sido entrenados para tomar las huellas —

nosotros podemos llegar a usted!

Llame 402.301.7315


Although an estimated 60 percent of all fingerprints have common characteristics, no two fingerprint patterns are identical.

This is why fingerprint-based background checks are the most reliable way to positively confirm a person's identity — and the possible criminal history associated with that identity.

Background Checks 

Protect Businesses

and Consumers

Employment screening can be a practical, low-cost way to significantly reduce employee theft and dishonesty and increase productivity and safety

in the workplace.

Many industries — the banking, financial, and security industries, transportation industries, childcare, healthcare and teaching industries, law enforcement and certain military positions, for example — require background checks on all employees


The level of background investigation performed may vary from industry to industry and position to position.

One thing, however, holds true:

Employers who actively and routinely screen their applicants and employees face less liability in the event of a workplace accident or crime.

Pre-employment screening with fingerprint-based background checks is a primary way to minimize or eliminate negligent hiring liability.

Professionals Find

Fingerprint Programs

Lay Solid Foundation

In today's world, a myriad of industries and organizations use fingerprint-based background checks to lay the foundation for positive and productive professional relationships, either because they are required to do so by law or because it simply makes good sense for the sake of protecting organizations and the communities they serve.

Many of these groups include:

• Adoption & Foster Care Candidates

• Childcare Workers

• Clergy, Youth Ministers & Church Volunteers

• Community & Youth Volunteers

• Credit Unions, Banks & Lenders

• Driving School & Other Professional Instructors

• Insurance Licensees

• Law Students & Attorneys

• Liquor and Tobacco Sales License Holders

• Loan Officers & Mortgage Brokers

• Nannies & Babysitters

• Nurses, In-Home & Assisted-Living Care Providers

• Police, Law Enforcement & Military

• Realtors & Real Estate Brokers

• Security Guards & Private Investigators

• Teacher Aides, Educators & Administrators